New Blog: Michael's Playlist

I completely scrapped the old blog and began anew. This time around it will be less focused on my musical history and more concentrated on sharing music lists, and my commentary on songs, albums, shows, and musicians I enjoy. Take a look and leave me some feedback:

Michael's Playlist

New Song Remix

Just uploaded a new 2015 remix of the song "Stand Up And Fight" from the 2010 album Baptism Under Fire.

You can listen to it here.

Hope you enjoy it!

Childhood's End Now Available

The latest recording, Childhood's End, has been released. You can hear three tracks from the album on the music page.

New Album: Deep In Blue Neon

Head on over to the music page and check out the first three tracks of the latest release, Deep In Blue Neon.


Hello and welcome to the new official Michael Fairbrother website! After a six month hiatus, Michael is back with more music. Be sure to listen to the new single, "Your True Lover", which shows Michael going in a new direction with his music.